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  • AdressQom, Imam Ali Highway, Shadgholi Khan Blv. 16th Alley
  • Phone number02538860661
  • Mobile09121517860
Our Specialty

Our Speciality

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Handmade Carpet Washing

Washing all kinds of handmade and valuable carpets

Payment and Receipt of Carpet

Polishing or veneering is the same as smoothing the surface of the lint

Refurbishment and Carpet Repair

Refurbishment is an operation that eliminates carpet imperfections

About Us

About Us

Etminan Carpet Washing

Etminan Carpet Washing Services; We specialize in managing the needs of washing, repairing, polishing, refining and all your carpet related services. Handmade and machine!

Etminan Carpet Washing has a brilliant history of washing handmade carpets.

  • Refurbishment and Repair
  • Payment and Receipt
  • Painting and Staining
  • Root and Carpet Restoration

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The Process of Working in a Etminan Carpet Washing

Etminan Carpet Washing specializes in repairing handmade carpets.

We assure you that we will deliver your carpet to you like the first day.


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