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Etminan carpet washing in addition to washing handmade carpets
It specializes in polishing, refining or repairing your carpets!

Carpet washing

Wash your carpets thoroughly, without damaging the carpet texture and prevent the migration of a color in the adjacent areas

Payment and Repair Services

Payment, refinement, root repair and stability of the side fabric or the same as the carpet head, fixing the defects and damaged areas of the carpet …

Stain Removal

Removing carpet stains caused by foreign materials or changing the color of the carpet or migrating a color to the adjacent areas



Carpet washing

Contamination and dirtiness of carpets at home is inevitable, especially if you have a child in your home. Carpet dirt reduces its appearance and beauty; therefore, washing and cleaning carpets is essential and has its own principles and rules, especially if Make your rug handmade.

Washing and cleaning of handmade carpets has certain principles and rules, by observing which the original quality of the carpet is maintained even after washing, and it also causes the handmade carpet not to lose its original quality and to maintain its appearance and construction features as much as possible. Slow down.


Refurbishment and Carpet Repair

Carpet weaving, or carpet weaving, is an art and skill created after the art of carpet weaving, and the factor that created it was the need to repair and repair all kinds of carpet and carpet damage. It is natural that any carpet and rug may be exposed to corruption and damage, and over time it will gradually suffer damage and damage. As a result, as long as we use carpets and rugs in our lives, the art and skill of carpet weaving will continue to live on. In fact, it can be said that the art of carpet weaving complements the art of carpet weaving and carpet weaving. Carpet weaving is a job that usually requires special experience and skills, and people who try to weave damaged carpets must have a long history of weaving carpets, dyeing, recognizing the colors of carpets and raw materials for carpets.



Carpet polishing

One of the actions applied to most Iranian handmade carpets is the payment operation. This makes the design of the carpet clearer and clearer. Both manual and machine methods are used to pay for the carpet.

1. Manual mode

In this method, the master pays for the carpet with the help of hand razors or special scissors. Tiny rugs are usually hand-crafted.

2. Machine style

In this method, the machine performs the tasks of manual razors or special scissors in the first way.


Painting and Staining

Your carpet may be stained due to spills of oil, paint and tea, and have ugly and unpleasant stains on it. Perhaps just pouring water on the carpet will confuse the color of the handmade carpet.Since handmade carpets are mostly made of wool and fluff and natural fibers, staining carpets will be a little harder and more sensitive than machine-made carpets. Reversing the color of handmade carpets will make the colors and designs on your carpet look unpleasant and look uneven. This is a problem that many people are only justified by pouring a little water on the carpet, but removing these paints will usually not be possible in any way other than painting the carpet. But by using the method of painting the carpet, the appearance of your carpet will be as beautiful as the first day.


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